Wedding Flower Crown: Should you wear one for your wedding?

Woman in White with Flower Crown

A flower crown can be a beautiful way to personalise your wedding accessories. There are many different types of wedding flower crowns, some that are large and full and others that are small and delicate. 

The type of flower crown you choose depends on the vision you have for your wedding and your personal preference. This blog will be a comprehensive guide to flower crowns, helping you select the type of flowers you want to use and the design of your crown.

Unique Flower Crown Designs 

1. The Boho Flower Crown 

Boho Wedding Flower Crown

For a crown that evokes the simplicity of nature, try the boho style crown. This crown looks best with freshly picked wildflowers from around your local area. You can also add in dark green foliage and even berries. 

2. The Simple Flower Crown 

Simple Wedding Flower Crown

For a simple, timeless crown, you can choose flowers that are in season and pair them with local foliage such as tea tree. You can never go wrong with fresh roses or charming carnations. 

3. The Garden Flower Crown 

Woman In A Garden Wedding with Floral Crown

Mixing many small, white rows of Baby’s Breath (Gypsophilia) makes for a unique, delicate crown. This is a perfect crown for a bride who prefers a more subtle style. You can choose any small wildflowers to place in rows for this unique style of crown. 

4. The Spring Floral Crown

Spring Wedding Flower Crown

Nothing says Spring like fresh, white daisies covering your crown. Pure white daisies with their joyful yellow centres make for a cheerful-looking crown. You can also sparsely place daisies in a long braid for a bohemian look. 

5. The Bridal Flower Crown with Veil

Wedding Flower Crown

For a classic look, you can pair your flower crown with a veil. The veil can simply be attached to the back of the flower crown to cascade down your back. 

Which is better: real flowers or fake ones? 

One of the advantages of using fake or silk flowers is that you can keep them forever. On the other hand, you may prefer the authenticity of real flowers in your crown. The choice is ultimately up to you as the bride and princess of your special day. 

How to wear your hair with a flower crown 

There are seemingly endless ways to wear your hair with a flower crown. You can simply wear your hair down, or you can have it up in a fancy chignon. Some brides also choose to wear their hair in a long side braid so that they can disburse flowers throughout their hair. 

Your bridesmaids can also sport a flower crown for a unique wedding party look. Explore more styles for bridesmaids in our article, How to Choose Your Bridesmaids Flowers. 

Get a Custom-Made Crown 

Here at In Full Bloom, we’re here to make sure your wedding flowers are perfect. We can provide custom-made wedding flower crowns precisely to your preference. Order with us today and see why we are one of the top wedding flower providers in Melbourne.