How to Pick Birthday Flowers for Melbourne Friends and Family

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Flowers can be the perfect gift for your friends or family’s birthdays. Here at In Full Bloom, you can order in advance or on the day for same-day delivery. Continue reading for our guide on finding the perfect birthday flowers for your loved ones in Melbourne. 


Birthday Flowers by Month 

Just like gemstones, there are birthday flowers according to the month you were born. Here are the birthday flowers according to birth month. 

Once you decide on your flowers, you can pair it with our birthday surprise balloon bouquet to make their birthday extra special. 

January Birthday Flower: Carnation 

Carnations are a popular flower that comes in a wide variety of colours: white, striped, purple, yellow, and even green. Carnations are exotic to Australia but have been grown commercially since 1954! One of the best parts about carnations is that they last a long time after they’re cut. 

February Birthday Flower: Iris

Irises are bold, beautiful flowers. They give off a pleasant fragrance and are even used in some perfumes. Irises also come in all colours, though they’re commonly seen in purple. The petals have a unique sword shape that emerges from the tall, thick stem. 

March Birthday Flower: Daffodil 

Daffodils are an eye-catching yellow flower that evokes a feeling of sunshine. They are thought to bring happiness to the recipient. Another perk about daffodils is they produce natural pesticides to keep insects away. 

April Birthday Flower: Sweet Pea

The delicate-looking sweet pea flowers are an excellent option for the special someone in your life. They have a lovely, enjoyable aroma and come in a wide range of colours. Whether you choose creamy-yellow or baby pink sweet peas, your friends and family will love them. 

May Birthday Flower: Lily

Lillies are one of the most popular birthday flowers around the world. Their large petals can be white, yellow, orange, red, or even pink. They have one of the most extended in-vase lifespans so they can last a few weeks. 

June Birthday Flower: Rose

What better way to express your love to someone on their birthday than with roses? Though the receiver needs to be careful of the thorns, it’s such a great feeling to receive a dozen roses. 

July Birthday Flower: Larkspur

The lovely Larkspur’s petals grow along the stem, giving them a unique appearance. They symbolise summer days, lightheartedness and just having fun. Find your perfect Larkspur bouquet in shades of white, pink, and lavender. 

August Birthday Flower: Gladiolus 

August’s flower, the Gladiolus, is a striking stalk of tall blooms. Their name comes from gladius, which means sword in Latin. They are thought to create a calm atmosphere and light up a room. 

September Birthday Flower: Aster

Many people mistake Aster for daisies, but in fact, they’re a unique flower. They go great coupled with other flowers and come in all shades of colours (even blue)!

October Birthday Flower: Marigold

Marigolds are the quintessential Autumn flower. They have layers and layers of colourful petals in deep colours such as red, maroon, and yellow. 

November Birthday Flower: Chrysanthemum

Sometimes called mums, chrysanthemums are one of the most popular flowers in the world. Florists always try to keep them in stock, so these are a safe bet to order. There are different types of mums, and since they’re so popular, they’re also affordable. 

December Birthday Flower: Poinsettia

Known as the Christmas flower, poinsettias can often be seen around churches in December. These festive holiday flowers come in bright red petals and dark green foliage. If your loved one was born in December, these are the perfect birthday flowers for them. 

Want birthday flowers, Melbourne? Order Today! 

Using their birthday month is an excellent way to choose flowers for your friends’ and families’ birthdays. You can order a Hip-Hip-Hooray bouquet for the perfect happy birthday flowers, as well as add any additional chocolates, wine, or other treats. 

Remember, In Full Bloom does same-day delivery for any last-minute orders!