7 Fascinating Facts about Flowers

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Most people love flowers for the beautiful touch they add to the room, the loving message they can send to another person or their lovely scent. However, did you know flowers also have many different meanings? 

In this article, we’ll dive into some of the little known facts about common flowers. Hopefully, it’ll enlighten you and inspire you to treat yourself or your loved ones to a bouquet. 

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1. The Symbolism behind Flowers 

Nearly all flowers symbolise something. For example, roses express sincerity and deep emotions, while carnations symbolise friendship. The same flower can also have different meanings based on the colour. For example, yellow roses can signify friendship, while red ones are reserved for romantic reasons. In Full Bloom offers roses in Melbourne, among other beautiful blooms. 

2. The Largest Flower in the World 

Rafflesia tuan-mudae, also known as the “corpse flower,” is both the smelliest and largest flower in the world. It was found near Lake Maninjau, Indonesia and is the size of a small child, measuring 1 meter across. It reportedly smells like rotting meat, which makes sense because it’s a parasitic flower. 

3. The Oldest Flower in the World 

Scientists in the Pyrenees in Spain recently discovered a fossil called Montsechia vidalii. It was thought to have bloomed nearly 130 million years ago. They dubbed it the “mother of all flowers” as it was considered to be the oldest flower in the world. 

4. The Symbol of Eternal Life Flower

The Lotus flower is heralded in many civilisations. From the Buddhists to the Egyptians, people were amazed at this flower’s ability to blossom even after laying dormant for years. Even in the harshest of conditions, the lotus flower can still come “back to life.” 

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5. The Best Selling Flower 

Since hundreds of years ago, tulips have been one of the best selling flowers in the world. In the 17th century, tulips were considered flowers for royalty. A single posy could cost up to $2,000 in today’s currency. 

Today, tulips are more reasonably priced. There is even an annual Tulip Festival in Amsterdam, where tourists can see thousands of beautiful, diversely coloured tulips. 

6. The Flower Which Is a Vegetable

Though many people don’t know it, broccoli is considered a flower. It’s a part of the brassica family which includes cauliflower and cabbage. Since broccoli is harvested before the flowers have blossomed, it’s considered a vegetable. 

7. The Big Family Flower 

Did you know that the roses family extends to many other fruits and plants? Many people don’t realise it, but the rose family includes cherries, plums, apples, pears, and more. 

Where to Find Roses in Melbourne 

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