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Gifting someone a floral bouquet is a simple gesture that warms the heart and elicits smiles no matter the occasion. Flowers are nature’s gift to humanity, and cultivate positive auras as well as send the right message.

As every girl knows the simple gesture of receiving flowers can brighten up their day and not just on their birthday. Nevertheless, a birthday is a special occasion, and if you have a girlfriend, it can be hard to make the right selection if you don’t know what to choose.

If you’re keen to get it right, read this handy guide that will give you top tips to choose the best birthday flowers for your girlfriend.

Flowers Arranged in A Vase
Flowers Arranged in A Vase

The best birthday flowers for her

If you are planning to surprise you, girlfriend, on her birthday, we have the best flowers Melbourne CBD delivery services.

There are several options when it comes to choosing blooms for your loved one on their special day, and we’ve highlighted just a few of the best to help you narrow down your choice:

  • Red roses scream passion.
  • Roses have always been the classic and most popular choice for a declaration of love.

A bouquet of red roses is a silent way of reminding your girlfriend just how much you love her, and red roses symbolise commitment and true love.

It is essential to note that the number of roses in an arrangement gives the arrangement different meanings. For example, a single red rose means “love at first sight” while six roses convey that you want to be hers forever.

Our florists will help you create the right red rose bouquet that sends your message across without misunderstanding.

Woman Carrying Red Roses Flower Bouquet Arrangement
Woman Carrying Red Roses Flower Bouquet Arrangement

Orange roses say you’re proud of her.

If you are passionate, proud, and fascinated by your girlfriend, you can never go wrong with orange roses.

They are considered the wild baby of the rose bloom family and will mirror her personality perfectly if she’s your wild child.

Multicoloured Roses symbolise happiness and abundance.

These unique flowers and make the perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary. They are the perfect symbol of joy and happiness and convey just how much pleasure your girlfriend brings to your life.

Orchids are mysterious and sexy.

Orchids are exotic, mysterious, and elegant blooms with a unique form.

These sophisticated flowers come in a variety of colours and make a perfect gift for your girlfriend if you want to wish them love, hope, and luck in their life.

Gerbera daisies say she’s radiant and beautiful.

Bright and radiant, gerbera daisies signify energy and rejuvenation.

These flowers inspire joy and youthfulness and lighten up your loved one’s spirits while speaking to beauty, innocence, and purity.

You can also choose red gerberas that symbolise love and passion.  Whatever the message, gerbera daisies are a flower that shell undoubtedly appreciate on her special day.

Lilacs are ideal for celebrating new love.

Lilacs represent first love or a strong love between partners. A bouquet of lilacs is a different choice to give your appreciation for their birthday.

Get these stunning flowers to celebrate your girlfriend’s if you’ve just started dating and don’t want to buy red roses.

Get professional help from InFullBloom’s resident florists.

To avoid sending flowers that could offend or confuse your girlfriend, get help from our professional florists at InFullBloom.

They have extensive training in understanding the meanings of different flowers and will help you pick that unique bouquet that will impress your loved one no end.

Why not make the occasion memorable with an extra gift such as chocolate or wine? We can help with that too. Add a simple handwritten note to take her birthday gift to the next level and leave it up to our flowers Melbourne CBD delivery services to do the rest.

best flowers Melbourne CBD delivery
best flowers Melbourne CBD delivery

Enjoy InFullBloom’s Best Flowers Melbourne CBD Delivery Services

Choosing birthday flowers for your girlfriend or loved one can be challenging, especially if you want her to remember the occasion for as long as possible. At InFullBloom we have the best flowers Melbourne CBD services and are happy to help you show your girl how much she means to you.Our professional florists will customise your orders according to your loved one’s tastes and even help with delivery if you can’t do it yourself. Order online or get in touch today to get further assistance.