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Floristry is a specialised art of designing floral arrangements. Also, it involves the care, handling, sales and display, plus delivery of flowers. While the term generally means the growing, care, and selling of flowers, a flourishing floral industry is what drives floristry. Florists, on the other hand, are the professionals who grow, care and sell flowers. They can help you organize an affordable flower delivery in St Kilda easily. 

You can browse ready-made florist-designed catalogues online. This is a perfect solution for last-minute bouquets and gift hamper deliveries. Alternatively, you can work with an experienced florist to fashion made-to-order flowers. Either way, these activities influence the cultivation and care of blooms.  

What Are The Types of Florists?

There are two main florist categories in floristry.

  • The Wholesaler – A wholesale florist grows flowers in bulk and sells them to retailers. 

The Retailer – A retail florist offers flowers, floral arrangements, and other floristry suppliers to customers.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Florist?

Besides practical know-how, knowledge in flower symbolism and folklore is valuable to florists. This knowledge will be helpful when creating bouquets for a multi-cultural customer base like Melbourne’s. Floral designers should also be familiar with:

  • Colour meanings 
  • Various floristry styles
  • Which flowers to use for particular holiday arrangements 

Which Are The Popular Floristry Styles?

The styles of floristry differ by location. However, florists must be conversant with primary floristry styles, especially for their geographical region. Here are the three most popular styles of floristry:

  • High Style – It is characterised by negative space, symmetry, and linear designs and is commonly used in the US. 
  • English Garden – As the name suggests, English Garden is most popular in England. It involves the use of seasonal and garden petals, plus large displays for all-angle viewing. 

Ikebana – Originating in Japan, Ikebana contains triangular arrangements that accentuate beauty and simplicity.

How Do You Become A Professional Florist?

Professional floristry is not a difficult field to breach. The business is on the rise in Australia and has increased demand for institutions that teach the trade. Today, many colleges offer floristry courses in their horticulture departments. Besides, floral design workshops are also available in Melbourne and other cities. 

Potential floristry students have several options to pursue this career. You may learn through institutions of higher education or a qualified floral vendor. Some florists impart the craft to apprentices without going through higher education. However, knowledge acquired through apprenticeship may not secure employment elsewhere.