How to Choose Your Bridesmaid Flowers

A bride holding a purple flower bouquet

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In this article, we’ll give you inspiration for planning your bridesmaid flowers and style. We hope this piece gives you some ideas and motivation to start planning your bridal party’s look! 

selective focus photography of pink and white rose flower bouquet

Bridesmaid Trends 

Pastels are the evergreen colour option for bridesmaids as they look soft and romantic. Nowadays, brides are choosing different fabric, finishes, and even dresses for each bridesmaid. Instead of the traditional style where every dress is identical, you can select similar dresses with different cuts. 

The floral arrangement helps to tie everything together if your bridal party has different coloured dresses. A popular bouquet is the garden posies look: soft, muted hued flowers mixed with green foliage and ferns. The green foliage provides sharp contrast against the pastel colours. 

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How Many in Your Bridal Party? 

A simple way to start planning the size of your bridal party is to think about the most important women in your life. Whether that’s your sisters or best friends, the most special people in your life should be by your side at your wedding. 

Of course, your budget will have a significant effect on your bridal party size. If you have 12 maids, for example, you will need 12 dresses, hairstyles, shoes, and bouquets. It’s normal to keep it simple with 2 or 3 bridesmaids who are your family and closest friends. 

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Bouquet Style 

If you’re on a budget, you can choose a few pure blooms with green foliage tied together with a simple ribbon. Instead of varying each bouquet, you can change the ribbon colour to differentiate each bridal party member. 

Usually, the bride will have a more abundant bouquet while the girls will have more simple arrangements with flowers such as gypsophila. The bride’s bouquet will be fuller, larger, and more unique to honour her on her special day. Keeping the same style and colour bouquets for the maids can keep your bridal party looking coordinated and cohesive. 

Right now, garden-style bouquets are all the rave. Colourful posies such as baby pink roses paired with textured gum foliage can create a natural, stunning look. The bridesmaids’ flowers can be white, while the brides’ can have a pop of colour to distinguish her.  


woman in white dress holding bouquet of red flowers

Alternatives to Bouquets 

If you want to stray away from the traditional, there are plenty of creative alternatives to bouquets. 

Baskets filled with flowers can be a charming accompaniment to an outdoor wedding. You can fill them with down to earth flowers such as sunflowers or carnations. 

Flower crowns are also a fantastic option for a more festive look. They’re both fashionable and memorable, and bridesmaids can take them home as memorabilia. However, since florists have to weave blooms into the crown, they are more labour intensive and cost a bit more. 

Lastly, wrist corsages can be a youthful, pretty alternative to the traditional bouquets. If you’re on a tight budget, they can be a great choice as they require fewer flowers. 

We hope this article has helped you in planning your bridesmaid flowers. If you want more help planning your bridal floral arrangements, contact the Melbourne flower company, In Full Bloom, today!