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Flower Delivery Moorabbin

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While we have reasonably temperate weather here in Moorabbin, VIC, houseplants can be finicky and hard to look after. Succulents have become a popular trend as they’re both affordable and versatile. 

If you’re looking to bring a pop of colour to your home without the hassle of regular plants, succulents are for you. In this article, we’ll show you the six must-have succulents to brighten up your home. Let’s get started. 

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Flower Delivery Moorabbin

Why Are Succulents So Popular? 

As an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-care-for plant, succulents have boomed in popularity. Over the past years, nearly everyone I know (including myself) has a few cute succulents in their home. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider getting a succulent: 

  • Low-maintenance. Since these plants store water in their leaves, little watering and light are required to take care of them. 
  • Perfect indoors plant. They’re hardy and can be placed above your kitchen sink, by your bedside table, or virtually anywhere. 
  • Attract fewer pests. Their thick leaves are hard to penetrate, making them less susceptible to bugs. 
  • Flexible and forgiving. If you forget to water your succulent for a few days, odds are it will bounce back. 
Flower Delivery Moorabbin

The Top 6 Succulents for Homeowners

1. Jade Plant, also known as Lucky Plant or Money Tree 

Some consider the jade plant a symbol of good luck. Some types of jade plants will form unique reddish tips if you leave them under bright light. Once the plant matures, it can also grow delicate white or pink flowers. 

2. Aloe Vera 

As nearly everybody’s childhood band-aid for burns, you’re probably familiar with the aloe vera plant. You can use aloe as a beautiful decoration, but it also has medicinal properties. If you have children, this is a great succulent to keep around the house. 

3. Zebra Plant

Studded with dainty spikes, the zebra plant is one of the most popular succulents. Though all succulents are resilient, this one is virtually foolproof due to its slippery surface. 

You might recognize it by its yellow cone-shaped flower heads which bloom on top of the plant.

4. Snake Plant, also known as Mother in Law’s Tongue 

Another very tolerant succulent, even the worst plant-mums can’t kill this plant. It gets its name from the tongue-shaped leaves with patterned markings. It’s also perfect for your bedroom as it has air-purifying qualities. 

5. Donkey’s Tail 

This adorable plant is dubbed donkey’s tail for its long shape that resembles a tail. It starts with tiny tear dropped shaped buds that elongate over time like vines. 

6. Panda Plant 

If you’re looking for a succulent to stick with you for years to come, consider adopting a panda plant. They can survive indoors for many years. They are known for their soft, fuzzy silvery hairs that cover the leaves. 

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