How to Care for Flowers with Essendon Florist Delivery

How to Care for Flowers with Essendon Florist Delivery

Have you just received a lovely surprise delivery of your favourite flowers? Or, did you purchase a bouquet on a whim only to see them wilting now? 

This article intends to help you make your freshly delivered flowers last as long as possible. Most cut flowers last 4 to 7 days or longer, and these five simple tricks will help you to achieve that lifespan and longer. 

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Flowers’ Longevity 

A little extra care and love for your delivered flowers can make a huge difference. As soon as you bring your flowers inside, be sure to transfer them from the package to a clean vase. 

1. Cut the Stems 

It’s a common mistake to get excited upon getting flowers, plop them into a vase, and forget to trim the stems. The best method is to trim 3 to 5 centimetres off at an angle. 

Cutting the stems gives flowers the best chance to take in water. If the stem sits flat on the bottom of the vase, this cuts off water flow to the flowers. Be sure to trim every few days to boost your flowers’ life span. 

2. Prune & Remove Foliage

If you see damaged blooms and foliage or leaves fall below the waterline, it’s best to remove them. Pruning keeps your bouquet looking fresh and prevents the growth of bacteria. Forgetting to do this step prevents hydration and causes the flowers to wilt. 

Don’t remove all of the leaves from the stem, as they need some leaves for water and light intake. Also, be delicate when pruning your flowers. Roughly cutting with trimmers or scissors can cause a gash on the stem which brings in bacteria. 

3. Add Flower Food to the Water 

Don’t forget to add fresh water mixed with flower food to your arrangement. The sachets usually come with the delivery. But, you can also find them at the supermarket or your local florist. Make sure you follow the packet directions as noted. 

What is flower food? 

This additive is like vitamins for your flowers. It nourishes the plant, keeps bacteria away, and more. By adding flower food, you’ll also encourage the buds to bloom more fully. 

4. Change Water Regularly 

You should change your flowers’ water at least once a day. If you notice the water is cloudy or the water level is low, you should change the water entirely. Don’t forget to wash the vase as well to get rid of bacteria. 

How to Properly Change the Water? 

To change the water, clean the vase, and half fill it with clean water. Then, add the flower food packet and mix. 

An excellent tip is always to use warm water. The flowers can take in warm water more effectively than cold water. 

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5. Place Flowers in a Cool Spot 

Did you know cut flowers prefer cooler temperatures? Bulbs do best in 18 to 22-degree temperatures and will wilt in the heat. Also, it’s better to place them out of direct sunlight. 

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