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Have you lost your temper with your significant other? Maybe you’ve forgotten about an important event like a wedding anniversary or birthday? Chances are if you’re reading this, you want to find the best flowers for apologizing. 

In this article, we’ll uncover the best flower types for when “I’m sorry” isn’t enough. We’ll also reveal the meanings behind certain kinds of flowers. 

Let’s get started. 

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The 5 Best Types of Flowers for Apologizing 

There is genuinely no offence too big or small for apology flowers to turn around. By choosing the perfect bouquet when you’ve made a mistake, you’ll be closer to forgiveness. When someone goes out of their way to buy you flowers, you feel cared about and supported. 

Here are the best types of flowers for getting back into someone’s good graces: 

1. Roses 

Deeply symbolic and extremely versatile, roses are a perfect apology flower. They have different meanings, but overall express sincerity and depth of emotions. 

Pink roses symbolize that you want to move forward after an argument. On the other hand, yellow or orange roses are best for symbolizing friendship and innocence. Dark red roses express a desire to rekindle a romance and start anew. 

So whether you’ve talked about a friend behind their back or enraged your partner, roses are the perfect way to start fresh. 

2. Lilies 

Forgetting someone’s birthday is a big deal—especially if it’s someone close to you. Lilies symbolize care and devotion, showing you want to re-invest yourself in a relationship. They also represent rejuvenation, making them perfect for when things haven’t been the same with your friend or partner. 

Lilies are an ideal flower for expressing an apology sweetly. After giving someone lilies, you can rest assured that forgiveness is on the way. 

3. Tulips 

Tulips are known for being a happy flower. They can brighten the mood between you and a disillusioned boyfriend or girlfriend instantly. Though they come in all colours, the best colours for an apology are white or cream. 

These beautiful bulbs are associated with forgiveness and new beginnings. If you’ve had a bad fight or stood up a date, give tulips to show you’re sincerely sorry. 

4. Orchids 

These charming and exotic blooms are a favourite of people all over the world. For centuries, orchids have expressed strength, sincerity, and rarity. I feel that when you buy someone orchids, you’re showing just how sorry you are. 

These unique flowers are a brilliant way to communicate complicated feelings. Giving someone beautiful purple or pink coloured orchids can help when words fail. 

5. Carnations 

These are a beloved flower that pairs well with a heartfelt apology. They are seen as a token of love. If you’ve forgotten a wedding anniversary, carnations show you won’t be so forgetful the next time. 

We recommend pink or white carnations for apologizing to a friend or romantic partner. 

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We hope that this article helps you pick the right flowers for your next apology. We know they’ll make a huge difference in gaining forgiveness. For an added effect, why not pair decadent chocolate or your partner’s favourite wine with a bouquet? 

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