Australian Native Flowers Are Trending

Australian Native Flowers Are Trending

The world would be an incredibly dull place without flowers. 

Aussie native flowers, in particular, are known for their bold, earthy colours and unique forms that blend in with the landscape. Unfortunately, consumers often ignore natives for more traditional flower options. 

InFullBloom is chuffed to see that native flowers are currently undergoing somewhat of a renaissance to become some of the trendiest flowers of 2020.

Check out our handy guide that introduces some popular native flower choices, and then order them online or pop down to our shop anytime to choose the best native flowers from InFullBloom, a Melbourne florist open seven days a week.  

Golden Wattle

Golden wattle is a sentimental vine that inspires Australia’s national colours – gold and green. It was declared the national flower of Australia in 1988 and Aussies celebrate National Wattle Day on September 1, which happens to be the first day of spring.

Because of its resilient and persistent nature, golden wattles embody the Aussie spirit of endurance. 

This unique flower blooms in spring and has a beautiful scent making it a popular ingredient in perfumes and bath bombs. 


Bottlebrush has over 40 species and is renowned for its unique and stunning brush shape and fiery brightly coloured flower. This unique flower will brighten up any flower arrangement when paired with green leaves.

They come in a variety of pretty colours like bright pink, red, mauve, green, and cream. If you love stunning effects, the bottlebrush is a rare flower with which to grace your event.

This low-maintenance flower is also the perfect choice for drier climes. 


There are over 600 different varieties of eucalyptus in Australia, which makes it the perfect native foliage with which to create stunning flower arrangements. 

Pair eucalyptus with orchids and roses and you’ll have yourself a beautiful scented flower bouquet or vase arrangement.

Pink Princess 

This flower is a unique Australian breed widely known for its captivating and exciting pink flower that lasts through spring and early summer.

This evergreen bush grows about 8-10 feet tall, and even without blooms, it’s a beautiful plant that you can incorporate in your garden.  

Pink princesses bloom in the winter months and offer a great splash of winter colour when most plants aren’t blooming. They have a sweet fragrance and are beautifully textured, which makes them perfect in vase arrangements. 


The crowea is a small shrub that grows abundantly in the coastal sandstone ridges of southern Queensland and New South Wales. 

These are graceful flowers with pronounced centre stamen tips and make perfect selections when sending get-well-soon or care home arrangments. 

 Popularly known as wax flowers or Geraldton waxes, they provide excellent quality and quantity and come in a myriad of colours ranging from pale to mid-pink. Crowea bloom from late summer to mid-winter. 


Waratah is among Australia’s most quintessential flowers. The name waratah comes from the Aboriginal people originally from the Sydney area; hence these flowers are also known as are commonly South Wales waratah.

This striking flower is often brightly coloured, large, and showy, consisting of smaller flowers packed into a compact head. The whorled leaves come with serrated margins. 

It makes a remarkable cut flower and has little to no fragrance, which makes it the perfect choice for people allergic to strong flower scents.

Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo paw is a drought-tolerant Australian flower that blooms well in summer. 

These plants have strappy foliage and tubular flowers, which give the appearance of an animal’s paw. They are also covered with velvety fuzz that influences the flower’s colour.

Add bohemian flair to your flower arrangements with this striking Aussie native. 

Why This 2020 Trend in Australian Native Flowers?

This increase in demand for Australian native flowers lies in their versatile and striking nature, which enables florists to use them in bouquet, floral crown, table, or vase arrangements to grace homes, corporate venues, or events. 

Most people are also beginning to embrace boho and rustic flower decorations in their events to express their signature style. 

If you want to wow with Australian native flowers, visit our InFullBloom florist open 8 am to 5 pm every day, call 03 96961688 or visit our online store.