Best Flowers to Say Congratulations With – A Handy Guide

Best Flowers to Say Congratulations With – A Handy Guide

Are your close relatives, friends or business associates celebrating a significant milestone? 

Sending a text or making a congratulatory is just not enough these days, and that’s where flowers can save the day! Flowers show genuine appreciation and convey heart-warming messages that make the milestone memorable for your recipient. 

InFullBloom florist East Melbourne delivery services can help you choose the best floral arrangement to get your congratulatory message across. This guide explores the best flowers to say congratulation with to bring genuine joy and appreciation in your loved ones life.

Lilies and tulips show genuine admiration for anyone who’s graduating.

Graduation is a significant milestone, so it is essential to show admiration and wish the graduand all the best as they reckon with the next level in their career. The best flowers for graduation messages are orange lilies and tulips. 

Orange represents respect, honour, and admiration, and is also the colour of passion, energy, and satisfaction. Gift your friends or relatives who’ve just graduated these flowers to wish them well as they face the next phase of their career or academic life. 

Yellow roses are perfect for celebrating a colleague’s new job or promotion. 

If your work colleague has just landed a new job or promotion, yellow roses make an excellent choice to show your admiration and best wishes as they symbolise genuine joy. 

Bright and cheery yellow roses are sure to elicit a smile and lift the mood of your recipient, as you wish them luck on their next venture. The other consideration here is to decide whether to send these flowers to their new workplace or home. It really depends on the person.

If they don’t like being the centre of attention, it might be best to send these congratulatory flowers to their home. 

On the other hand, if they don’t mind being in the spotlight, InFullBloom florist East Melbourne delivery services can help. Check out our website or pop into our East Melbourne outlet to learn more.  

White roses show genuine love for a couple on their engagement or wedding. 

Getting a life partner is just about everyone’s dream. An engagement party or wedding is the perfect time to recognise the new couple with a bunch of white roses. 

White roses represent purity and innocence and are also a symbol of a new beginning, which makes them the ideal floral choice to celebrate the new couple. 

Mixed floral arrangements or orchids say “Congrats on your new house.”

Purchasing or moving into a new home is a hopeful, proud, and exciting moment.

Mixed floral arrangements and orchids make the ideal house-warming gift as they look incredible, and come in a range of shades and sizes to match any home décor. These flowers can last months when cared for properly.

We can deliver your recipients favourite flowers already in a stylish vase to brighten up their space as they unpack and break in their new home.

Roses, gerberas, and iris celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

New parents need all the love and support they can get as a new baby is a life-changing experience that can be pretty tough in the beginning. 

If the baby is a girl, you could consider sending pink or purple roses, with some gerberas on the bouquet to make it amazing. If the new arrival is a boy, blue iris make an ideal choice. You could add yellow roses and gerberas to create much-needed contrast to your blue iris bouquet. 

All these flowers are available from InFullBloom’s florist East Melbourne delivery services to your home.

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Congratulating friends and relatives with flowers, personalised cards, and other gifts show them just how much you care. A flower bouquet arrangement is a warm gesture and a symbol of expressing genuine feeling towards their new achievement. So, if you have a friend or relative celebrating a recent achievement check out InFullBloom’s florist East Melbourne delivery services on our website to select the right blooms that show your appreciation.