How to Choose Wedding Flowers That Look Great And Save You Money

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With changing trends, flowers still play a fundamental role in weddings. Flowers are beautiful to view and showcase your creativity and taste. Hiring a florist makes work more accessible in wedding planning and brings fun to the process. The florists here at In Full Bloom can help you pick flowers for your big day and deliver them in time— especially if you are looking for florist delivery in Northcote. Our team will relieve you from the stress of thinking about what flowers to buy and how to transport them to the venue.

1. Have a Budget

The most crucial step for choosing flowers for your wedding is setting a budget. The total wedding budget will influence the amount of money you’ll allocate to the purchase of flowers and the types of flowers to use in your display.

You should have a serious talk with your partner to decide what suits everyone financially.

Many couples use eight per cent of the overall budget of flowers—this figure can fluctuate depending on the flower types you want and the number of arrangements you require.

A larger budget will accommodate more elaborate styles and costly flowers. If you prioritise particular kinds of greenery, other floral accents or wedding ideas can be a cost-effective alternative if you have a tight budget.

2. Work With a Wedding Florist

You’ll probably go for flowers that match your colour theme, budget and season. Hiring a good florist will help a great deal in accomplishing these tasks. You need to find a florist who gets your preferred taste and preferences that match your vision.

The florist will also offer professional advice about the flowers to use in your wedding and help you make tough choices like selecting between peonies and garden roses.

If you are searching for a potential florist, ensure that you research their previous work and customer feedback. This step will help you know their style.

3. Find Some Wedding Flower Inspiration

You can start by looking through real wedding photos on Pinterest or wedding trends. You might find a flower arrangement that appeals to you that you can show your florist, or it can give you a general idea of what you fancy.

Next, note down the colour, texture and shapes of your preferred floral arrangements. Seek inspiration even from the unlikeliest of places.

Binge on your favourite wedding movies, ask your friends or family about the flowers they used at their wedding or go to the flower section at your local market and find some flowers for inspiration.

After this, you’ll have a vague idea of what you’d like. Your florist can use your discovery to develop excellent suggestions for your floral wedding arrangement.

4. Understand Wedding Flower Basics

You don’t need to become an overnight wedding flower expert. However, you should have some basic information about flowers.

If you don’t know much about wedding flowers before setting up a meeting with your florist, acquaint yourself with popular wedding flowers such as ranunculuses, hydrangeas, lilies, peonies and roses while seeking inspiration.

It is also essential to decide if you want fragrant flower arrangements such as jasmine, gardenias, freesias, sweet peas, peonies, or lilacs, just to mention a few.

Acquaintance with wedding flowers will help you discuss the best flowers for your wedding with your florist.

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