How to Decorate a Gift Using Flowers

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Want to decorate a gift using flowers with tips from a florist in North Carlton? Here are five of our popular methods to recycle a flower. From crafting a wreath to manufacturing to getting you started with our floral surface cleaner, these dried flower crafts are a terrific way to appreciate an arrangement after the blooms have withered.

Method #1: Make Potpourri

For an easy and affordable project, try to use your dead flowers in making some DIY potpourri. Flowers such as roses, lavender, and peonies are ideal for this type of craft since they hold their shape and colour well after drying out—but you’re welcome to try out other flowers as well.

Simply dry out your flowers for a few days, mix them with 3-5 drops of essential oils—lavender or rose oil are excellent alternatives—then bake the mixture for a few hours. Potpourri will ensure that your home always smells fresh.

Method #2: Frame Them

If you enjoy the aesthetic of dried flowers, consider displaying them in a picture frame or shadowbox. Framed flowers make beautiful home décor and are super simple to craft.

The flowers may be pressed by sandwiching them between the pages of a book, then stacking other books on top of that one. Your blossoms will have withered and flattened after around two weeks.

If you want to save your bridal bouquet, boutonniere, or any memorable flower present, this could be an excellent approach.

Furthermore, you may include other mementos from your memorable occasion, like ticket stubs or tiny pictures, with pressed flowers. The frame can be hung on walls or set on a desk or table to enjoy your bouquet for years to come.

Method #3: Make Candles

Candles provide a sense of richness and comfort to any area, so why not make your own but with a unique twist? You can put some dried flowers in wax for a little more pleasure. And although they don’t add aroma—you’ll need fragrance oils for that—they’ll produce a lovely DIY candle.

There are several simple methods for drying flowers, but if you’re running short of time, you might microwave them in a basin packed with silica sand. Ensure that the sand fully seals flowers before placing the bowl in the microwave with a tiny cup of water.

Microwave in 30-second increments until the blossoms appear dry.

Method #4: Create Wall Art

Try being creative by making some one-of-a-kind wall art out of any dead flowers you have lying around. First, you’ll need to press them, arrange them on a canvas or in a frame, or even use glue to stick the flowers straight to the wall.

Method #5: Make Bath Products

You probably enjoy soaking in a bath. But do you have any idea that dead flowers can be used as a bath product? You can make bath bombs or bath salts with your old flowers.

Both of these products are extremely simple to create, and you can easily find recipes online. You can create a peaceful, flowery bath in just a few minutes and with only a few materials.

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