The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

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For most people, Valentine’s Day conjures up images of chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners with your sweetheart. But have you ever wondered how February 14th came to be known as the day of love?

Why is it that we choose to give flowers to our loved ones on this particular day?

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History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day has a bit of a mysterious history, with many historians still arguing over the exact origins of this holiday of love.

One such theory is that Valentine’s day was created to commemorate the life of early Christian saints and martyrs – history shows that
there were at least 3 saints named Valentine who were all executed for various reasons.

One such Valentine was a bishop. And back in the 3rd Century, Roman soldiers weren’t permitted to marry. Their ruler, Emperor Claudius ll, believed that soldiers should be devoted to Rome and Rome alone.

But Bishop Valentine wasn’t having any of that, and he got into trouble with Roman law for marrying Roman soldiers in secret. He was then executed for this crime on February 14th.

Right before he was executed, rumour has it that he left a love note for the daughter of the jailer, signing it ‘From your Valentine’. Funnily enough, this is a popular phrase still in use today.

Another theory is that Valentine’s Day originated during the Roman festival called Lupercalia which was also held in mid-February. This festival included fertility rites and the pairing up of men and women via a lottery system. Could you imagine something like that today?!

Valentine’s Day turns commercial

By the late 1700s, Valentine’s Day cards were beginning to be printed commercially. They mostly featured images of Cupid, hearts and birds (a symbol of fertility).

Traditional gifts have always included flowers, chocolates and candy, in particular red roses which are a symbol of beauty and love.

Send flowers in Hampton this Valentine’s Day

So why is it that we tend to send flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Back in the 17th Century, sending flowers became a popular Valentine’s Day tradition. Roses in particular were the most popular flower to send, as they represented the goddess of love, Aphrodite. People everywhere started sending roses to those they loved and this tradition is still alive today.

Another interesting old-fashioned custom behind sending flowers to someone is to pass on a non-verbal message. According to Charles ll in the 18th century, each flower has its own meaning. So depending on what blooms you decided to place in your bouquet, you could have an entire conversation just through flowers!

Make sure you’re sending the right message through your flowers to your Hampton paramour!

Spoil your loved one with flowers in Hampton

Whether you’re planning on celebrating Valentine’s day with a romantic dinner, picnic or special home-cooked meal, it’s always lovely to receive some flowers as well.

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