5 Surprising Things You Can Do to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Smiling Woman With Sunflowers on Hand

There’s no doubt that flowers light up occasions with their beautiful colours and spectacular smell. They are bought or issued on special events to leave a lasting impression for years to come. Whether you’ve received them during your graduation, wedding day or wedding anniversary, you’ll want to have them for an extended time.

However, we must conform to reality and accept that it’s almost impossible for flowers to last forever. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot take steps and measures to ensure your flower serves you longer. This post will walk you through distinct ways to enhance the life of your flowers after receiving them from a flower delivery Mulgrave service.

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1. Trim The flowers’ stem

Forgetting to trim or cut the stem is one mistake a vast majority of people make. You must get yourself a garden shear and trim one or two of the flower’s stems to give room for better water intake. Don’t forget to re-trim your flowers’ stems after your first trim, as this is equally important.

2. Prune

Another fantastic way to ensure your flowers serve you for long is by getting rid of leaves to avoid bacterial growth that interferes with the health of the flowers. This does not only help with the flowers lifespan but also makes it tidy.

Flowers, such as roses, have guard petals that should be removed during pruning time. When you get rid of guard petals, you give your flower an excellent chance to open up fully. Even after pruning, continue checking your flowers to see loose or dead leaves and petals.

3. Water Wisely

You must always keep your flowers hydrated, but you’ll need to do it carefully and wisely. Flowers don’t last a week without proper watering, especially when you’ve trimmed their stem. Therefore, you’ll need to fill your vase with room temperature water and mix it with flower food. Subsequently, you can keep changing the water and flower food after every four days.

4. Keep the Flower Food Flowing

Regular trimmings, the correct countertop placements, and regular grooming are essential to keep your flowers lasting longer. If you’re super swamped or would be busy most of the time, adding a few drops to your vase will be enough. However, you also need to remember that a few drops of common household products can also be effective in extending your flower’s lifespan.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight, Heat, Drafts and Fruit

For your flowers to be available for many years to come, you have to keep them away from direct sunlight and heat. At all times, ensure they are away from appliances that produce a lot of heat. Subsequently, avoid open window areas, ceiling fans, cooling and heating vents as they make the flowers dehydrated. Also, avoid placing your flowers near fruits. Yes, fruits remove ethylene gas which reduces flowers’ life span.

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