Flower Delivery Toorak: The Benefits of Mixing Silk & Real Flowers

Bridal Bouquet

Nothing distinguishes a florist store and flower enthusiasts like the question of fabricating it. Nevertheless, silk flowers let you create trans-seasonal exhibits and can come in handy in environments where fresh flowers don’t flourish.

However, you need to approve a few things when using silk flowers as home decor, office design, or as part of wedding displays to merge them effectively. And we could also help you with our flower delivery Toorak services in executing the mix.

That said, below are a few factors to consider when buying artificial flowers:

  • Try combining silk flowers with real flowers to achieve a seamless and lifelike palette. More importantly, you should choose colours that occur in nature.
  • Because florals feel real, consider adding a natural touch to your artificial flowers. Such can fool even the keenest enthusiast.

 Why Should You Mix Silk and Real Flowers
Why You Should Mix Silk with Flowers

1. Availability

Because artificial flowers are trans-seasonal, you can use your favourite blooms throughout the year. And the fact that they are always in season makes it a plus for wedding and event planners, especially when the date is fast approaching.

For example, if you’re throwing an autumn wedding and you’re fascinated by peonies, you can choose to combine a few peony stems with natural flowers to match the event. And the best part is that you can merge different styles in a beautiful array of colours to give your bouquet a complete final look.

2. Durability

With the extra benefits that they require no maintenance and are available in various colours, artificial flowers are incredibly useful. Furthermore, silk wedding bouquets have the advantage of holding out against the commotion of a wedding and won’t wilt on even the hottest wedding day!

Combining fake copies of very fragile blooms, vulnerable to damage, with more sturdy natural kinds can be an excellent solution for fussy events or occasions. Also, brides have the advantage to save some of their blooms from their wedding day.

3. Cost

Today, brides prefer to mix fresh with artificial flowers to cut costs on hard-to-find flowers. Also, it’s a great way of finding quality silk flowers comparable in price to real flowers.

Although some artificial flowers might be relatively cheaper than the real ones, quality is worth the additional cost. So be sure to do in-depth research because finding a significant deal on silk stems can be a great way to cut costs while retaining quality.

Also, when silk flowers are merged with the real stems and arranged beautifully, it can be challenging to notice the difference. And looking at our new arrivals, flower delivery Toorak has done more than double takes over the past few years. So why not pair your flowers with one of our pots online?

We Do Flower Delivery in Toorak

Whether you’re throwing a concept for a gala party or a private dinner, In Full Bloom will help design elegant and stylish displays that make your event a memorable one. Our professional florists and the creative team pride themselves on vibrant designs and fresh floral arrangements for all occasions.

Furthermore, we have resources to access fresh, exclusive and lasting blooms distinctive and exhibit the most delightful fragrance. We also deliver inspiration in flowers, foliage, mosses, and fruits to create unique arrangements to match any event or function.

In Full Bloom is a reputable source for Melbourne event florals, and we also do flower delivery in Toorak. Feel free to reach out to us today for a one-on-one consultation. What’s more, In Full Bloom offers free, no-commitment advice, so contact us to arrange a time to speak with one of our creative team.