Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding Flower Bouquets

Flowers are an integral part of your wedding preparation, not only are they traditional, they add much-needed decoration to your big day, and help tie together your overall theme. When it comes to selecting flowers there are many things to consider when choosing wedding flowers and your wedding bouquet. For example, you need to refine the colour choice and type of flower you are wanting, including seasonal availability. 

Some women have planned their wedding since they were young girls, others only start planning a wedding once it’s on the cards. If you haven’t decided on your wedding theme, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what sort of wedding you want to have. There are many different styles of weddings, for example; boho weddings, modern weddings, luxury weddings, beach weddings and many more. Some people opt for a simple traditional theme, whilst others find they take on a more creative approach, some even throw away all traditions and opt for a colourful style wedding. It’s your day to celebrate your love and you must celebrate it in a way you are proud of; you don’t want to look back on photos of your big day with regret. 

When it comes to finding wedding inspiration Instagram and Pinterest are popular sources. Pinterest is valuable when creating your wedding theme as you can set up a board and pin any inspirational images you find to it and refine them as you go. When dealing with professionals like wedding florists, wedding dress boutiques and event managers you can show them your mood board to help convey the mood and theme you are trying to create. 

Wedding Flower Colour Ideas

The colour of the flowers you select may depend greatly on the style of wedding you are after. For example, if you want a simple wedding you may select a wedding bouquet with neutral tones, combined with pastels and soft foliage. If you are after an autumn theme, you may choose blush warm tones. When it comes to selecting your final colour scheme using a palette of colours is the best choice. This way you have a few colours to work with, all of which complement and enhance the other. 

The types of flowers you use will also depend on your wedding budget, there are also ways to further use your wedding flowers past the ceremony. For example, if you have a flower arch display or floral garlands, these can be moved to the reception and used for photography purposes. 

If you love flowers and want them to be a part of your wedding but are overwhelmed when it comes to planning, one of our professional wedding florists can help plan your wedding floral arrangement that works within your budget.


Wedding Bouquet Ideas

There is a vast array of wedding bouquet style ideas and trying to finalise a design can be difficult. Again, Pinterest is a great source of wedding flower inspiration. There are also a few other considerations you should take into account when deciding on your wedding bouquet. 

Your wedding bouquet should complement your dress, not overwhelm you. Different style bouquets will also suit different style wedding dresses, this is why it is essential to show your florist your mood board, to help you further refine your decision and cultivate the perfect wedding bouquet for you. In terms of what flowers you select, highly fragrant flowers should be used in moderation, particularly if you’re prone to allergies; the last thing you want is for your wedding bouquet to cause you to sneeze as you walk down the aisle. Feminine soft blooms tied in with Baby’s Breath, Roses nestled amongst soft-hued foliage are popular choices.


Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Depending on when you are planning to have your wedding will depend on floral seasonal availability; this is something your experienced florist will be able to assist you with. However, if you have particular flowers in mind that aren’t seasonal in your geographical area, some experienced florists like In Full Bloom can source flowers Australia-wide. 

A few of the most common wedding flowers include rose arrangement combinations, Disbuds, Carnations, Peonies, Arum Lilies, Baby’s Breath plus many more. Some brides who opt for a country or boho wedding theme may opt for natives instead of more traditional wedding blooms. It’s important to remember that many flower varieties come in different colours; meaning most likely your preferred flowers will be available in your desired colour. Again, an experienced florist will be able to confirm availability and a cost estimate. 

Wedding Flowers in Melbourne

Unfortunately, not all florists are equal in terms of experience and bloom quality. Finding a florist that understands your needs and vision is paramount to the success of your planning. Ensure when you are speaking with your Melbourne Wedding Florist you ask any questions you have, your florist should be patient, be experienced in catering for weddings and will be able to guide you through the process.

Hiring a florist who services your local area is essential. This means there is less chance of your flowers being delayed and if you are using a local Melbourne Wedding Florist you will be able to speak with your florist in person and view the flower quality in-store before making your final decision.


Other Things to Remember

Not everyone has a lot of confidence, particularly when it comes to conveying what they want. Be sure you have your mood board and any image inspirations. If you lack confidence or feel overwhelmed, having someone attend your florist appointments with you can be a huge support. You will have a follow-up discussion with your florist to discuss and confirm final details including; flower types and colours, cost of materials, vase hire and any other set up costs. Your florist will then provide you with a cost proposal which will provide a breakdown list of costs. Ensure to ask your florist if there are any other terms or hidden fees you should be aware of. An experienced and reputable florist will be transparent when it comes to terms and costs. 

Although selecting Wedding Flowers finding an experienced Melbourne Wedding Florist who takes the time to understand you can be time-consuming, try to embrace the creative process.