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The saying “actions speak louder than words” could appeal more to ladies than men. Although phone calls and messages make it possible to be there for your loved ones 24/7, an extra effort and personal touch like giving a flower touches someone’s heart more.

Receiving a bunch or a bouquet from your loved one is more memorable than a WhatsApp message or a phone call—it shows that you care about them. Fortunately, you can order and receive flowers by searching for a flower shop near me on the internet.

Why Do We Give Flowers as Gifts?

For ages, people have used flowers to express their emotions towards one another. Flowers have a unique language that conveys our feelings to others during special events such as birthdays, weddings, graduation, funerals, etcetera.

Although the Victorian Age denotes the meanings and symbolisation of different flowers, some flowers meanings and symbolisation vary in other parts of the world. Besides, some meanings and symbols also come naturally. That said, let’s look at what it means to receive flowers under different circumstances, shall we?

1. Boyfriends

In most cases, ladies receive flowers from their men, which may come during special occasions such as anniversaries, valentine’s days, etc. However, some boys give their girlfriends flowers for no specific reason.

There’re many varieties of flowers that men can pick for their girlfriends. For example, roses are perfect flowers for lovers—symbolising love and passion. Therefore, surprising your love with a bouquet of roses would be romantic.

2. Friends

Flowers are unisex gifts and can be given to or received from both genders. However, you’ve got to be careful as some people can misread your good intentions. Be sure that the recipient understands your pure intentions of you sending them flower gifts.

Friendship does not know gender boundaries and can thrive between people of the opposite sex. However, giving flowers can be tricky in such relationships as your pure intentions can be mistaken for a romantic gesture. So make sure you’re giving flowers to an opposite-sex only if they’re very close and wouldn’t misinterpret your intentions.

3. Family

Giving a family member a beautiful and perfectly curated bouquet shows that you appreciate them. You can choose to provide them with flowers on their special days, such as birthday parties, Mother’s and Father’s Day, graduation ceremonies, etc.

Considering the symbols and meanings of the flowers is essential while choosing the best flowers for family members. For instance, peonies that symbolise prosperity and good luck would be an excellent choice for a Mother’s Day gift.

4. Male Colleagues

A typical workplace is a busy environment—people move up and down to complete tasks. This chaotic situation can be stressful, and giving or receiving a gift from a colleague can act as mood enhancers, stress relievers, especially during busy days of work.

Flowers can be an excellent choice to motivate and inspire your colleagues. Additionally, flowers can convey your admiration and caring emotions towards your workmates. But, sadly, in most incidents, good intentions are misinterpreted for romantic confessions.

So how can you ensure that your pure intentions are not misinterpreted? For example, if you must show your appreciation through flower gifts, first, you need to know the right flower you’re offering as a gift. Secondly, you can also accompany your gift with a message with good intentions.

5. Expression of Emotions

Presenting flowers to a close family member during difficult times can be an excellent way to express your emotions. When you’re bereaved and words can’t fully express your emotions, giving flowers can comfort the bereaved.

You can send funeral flowers to the deceased’s family. Besides, you can arrange them on graveyards. Choosing the right flowers and giving them during such challenging times can offer some comfoMoreover, it. It will send a message of togetherness between the giver and the bereaved family.

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