How Much Should My Wedding Flowers Cost?

How Much Should My Wedding Flowers Cost?

Whether you’re planning a church, destination, or garden wedding, you can’t achieve that unique ambience without reception wedding flowers.

Wedding flowers are one of the most beautiful parts of the ceremony, incorporating colour, scent, and beauty with the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, corsages, and pew and altar flowers. Let’s not forget the reception too, where guests are greeted with stunning centrepieces, table arrangements, garlands, and cake flowers. 

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However, every wedding is subject to a budget, and flowers can take up a considerable amount, and ignoring your budget could compromise your wedding. So, how much should your wedding flowers cost? 

Here, we look at how to pick the perfect blooms for your budget to stun and delight your guests without having to break the bank.

Average Costs of Wedding Flowers in Australia

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The average cost of wedding flowers in Australia varies widely, depending on the type of flowers you choose, whether they are in or out of season, and the number of flowers you need.

Though reception wedding flower costs are not set in stone, you can expect to pay an average price of $1400-$2000 at InFullBloom, and other professional wedding florists in Australia. 

These costs cover aspects of the floral design to include:

  • Altar flowers
  • Boutonniere
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Bridesmaid bouquets
  • Cake flowers
  • Ceremony garland
  • Chandelier decor 
  • Church door wreaths
  • Flower girls’ petals
  • Groomsman’s corsage
  • Guest table centrepiece
  • Head table centrepiece
  • High table garland
  • Reception flowers
  • Ring bearer’s nest
  • Table arrangements
  • Wishing tree display
  • Wrist corsage

Interestingly, these costs also vary depending on the region. NSW couples are willing to pay on average $2100 for their wedding flowers, Victorian couples $1660, Northern Territory couples $1,370 and SA and WA couples $1460 and $1,475 respectively.

Queensland, ACT, and Tasmanian couples spend the least on average forking our $1120, $850, and $750 respectively for the right wedding flowers.

InFullBloom recommends allotting 5 – 10% of your overall wedding budget to reception wedding flowers as a rule of thumb. These amounts we’ve found ensures that you don’t overspend while leaving yourself just enough to make for a beautiful display. Thus, if you have a $20,000 wedding budget, expect to spend $1,000-$2000 on your wedding flowers. 

What About Your Wedding Florist? 

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Professional florists approach each wedding as an independent project as each couple has different dreams, budgets, and goals for their special day. 

At InFullBloom, we first sit down with couples to create a detailed vision board that spells out what they want for their wedding. During these face-to-face consultations, we will likely revise the flower quote severally as designs, tastes, and budgets may change before the big day. 

Costs will vary depending on factors such as: 

  • Logistics and installation
  • Florists time
  • Reception wedding flowers design
  • Support staff 
  • Van costs

We especially factor in the design costs to ensure that your day is as memorable as possible. On average professional florists can spend approximately 50-60 hours preparing for a wedding, which equates to $1400-$1500.

A Few Ideas to Help You Save On Wedding Flowers Costs

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You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a stunning floral design on your wedding day. Here are a few tips to help you save money on your floral budget. 

Use the same flowers for the ceremony and the reception

Ever thought of putting your bridesmaids’ bouquet in small vases and using them on your cocktail tables during the reception? How about incorporating your church ceremony flowers into the reception décor? 

These are some of the ideas you can use to cut down on the overall cost of your wedding flowers.

Choose flowers that are in season

Depending on where you live in Australia, choose flowers that are in season and as much as possible go for native over imported flowers. 

Another plus of buying flowers that grow around your area is that you will save on associated transport costs.

Blend cheap flowers with the not-so-cheap flowers

You can achieve that breathtaking look by mixing or alternating flowers. A blend of David Austin roses and baby’s breath, dahlias and alium, aster and goldenrod, or peonies and garden roses can help you achieve classic floral designs without spending too much.

Choose a venue with magnificent scenery

If your wedding venue has a stunning view, you will need minimal reception wedding flowers to spruce up your décor. A well-manicured and beautiful garden or a beautiful beach can pass as naturally beautiful venues that don’t need floral overkill.

Consult a professional florist

Always engage a professional florist if you want to wow your family and friends on your special day. 

A florist can shed light on the variety of options available to suit your budget, and which flowers are in season. In the end, you might end up with unanticipated but beautiful ideas. The rule here is to have an open mind.

Wrapping It Up

With these tips, you should be able to achieve that unique look for your wedding without the risk of overspending on your budget. The recommended costs for wedding flowers should be 5%-10% of your total wedding budget. Remember always to strike a balance. There is no point in having a wedding with beautiful reception wedding flowers and below-par food and service. To learn more about how we can help you achieve the floral design of your dreams for your wedding, please reach out to InFullBloom online or call 03 9696 1688.