Wedding Flower Trends for 2019

Wedding Flower Trends for 2019

1. Foliage Focused

For a few years now, lush foliage-only bouquets and cascading all green table pieces have risen in popularity and are now a choice made by many brides. This more natural look does not only deliver beautiful, vibrant pieces but offers a more affordable option to brides whose budget is not quite equipped for fresh flowers.

2. Where Rustic Meets Romantic

Rustic weddings have been popular for what seems like forever, but looking forward expect them to evolve in a way that includes a little more traditional romance. Brides will be moving towards an industrial look, lots of raw spaces and materials, but with lush greenery and classic florals for balance. Centerpieces will likely be low floral pieces, with less use of glass and more opaque material (concrete and grey-wash are very in!)The use of tailored greenery for centerpieces brings a sense of the outdoors in and transform any space.

3. Pretty peonies

The peony is a timeless wedding flower that’s always a popular bouquet choice, so you can expect to see lots of these in 2019, too. As a very versatile flower, peonies can be crafted into bouquets that suit any style of wedding, from very formal affairs to rustic garden parties.However, as the peony season begins in April/May and only runs through to late June, their availability is limited.If you have an early summer wedding and your heart set on peonies then you will be able to get your hands on them.But if your wedding is later in the year, then beautiful alternatives include garden roses (for summer), dahlias (for late summer) or ranunculus (for winter and spring).

4. Dahlias & Ranunculus

The elegant peony, in both bud and bloom form, was the shining star of many bouquets in previous seasons. 2019 will see a slight change, with flower varieties such as Dahlias & Ranunculus expected to be the precious picks of bridal looks.

5. Sophisticated Colour Palettes for Florals

We are seeing brides move away from simply saying- “My colour palette is yellow and white” or “blush and burgundy”. Instead, they will be using their linens or bridesmaids dresses to bring in their signature colour and will then use florals in a range of varying shades to complement and bring richness to the decor. For example- for the bride whose wedding vision revolves around blush and burgundy, the florals can pull in shades of ivory, cream, taupe, tan, blush, dusty rose, burgundy, wine, gray, and forest green all into one single arrangement

6. Dramatic floral instalments

Floral instalments have always been popular, but the unforgettable floral arch at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is sure to inspire couples getting married next summer.Whether it’s an extravagant arch, a floral chandelier or hanging flower hoops – these are some of the things sure to add real wow-factor to many weddings next year.

7. Rich, muted colour tones

Hues of blush pink and ivory were seen at many weddings throughout 2017 and 2018. Brides can expect more muted, deep shades such as plum, burgundy and sage green to be all the rage next year. To lighten and compliment these colours, pastel tones such as lilac or pale pink are blended throughout, inspiring a romantic, renaissance feel. This combination creates a unique, otherworldly floral arrangement perfect for the bride looking to stand out and make a statement on her big day.

8. Done but Undone

This trend is for the bride that loves natural movement in her florals but doesn’t like them to look too messy or wild. We would say this is the middle-ground between the traditional rounded “lush” style of floral design and the more organic, free-form style that took over in recent years. Designs are still lush and asymmetrical, but use a lot less greenery. We see brides going for more full-floral designs that use minimal greenery and instead use a lot of flower varieties and textures to achieve a naturally “undone” look. See more inspiration for this lush floral style

9. Styling flowers to your wedding venue

While major statement installations like flower walls have seen a huge surge in popularity lately, from now on it will all be more about looking at the space your working with and altering your flower plan around it. Florists are suggesting adding one or two key statement arrangements involving the architecture of the space and then adding more modest decorations across table tops and chairs. When searching for your perfect wedding venue, make sure to keep an eye out for how you will integrate your flowers with the space.

10. Flower crowns

There’s a trend for boho brides choosing big, bright, bold flower crowns or woodland-themed foliage crowns in place of the traditional tiara.Beautiful flower halos can be crafted to suit every style of wedding, from simple and sophisticated to quirky and chic and match with the wedding flowers.If you’re going for this look, it’s important to choose the hardiest blooms that won’t wilt easily – orchids, freesias and spray roses are all safe options.When your flower crowns are delivered, keep them as cool as possible for as long as possible and put them on just before you head out for the amazing day ahead.

11. Candles

While technically not floral, we are seeing a huge increase in candle decor for weddings. You can create a minimal, clean look by placing simple greenery runners and lots of candles down the center of a table. You can also give an old-world feel to a wedding by covering a huge altar with dripping candles of all shapes and sizes. Hanging candles are becoming more popular and the trend of different colored candles seems to be here to stay.

12. Nude and pastel wedding flowers

With couples throwing wedding traditions out the door, pale pink, blush and taupe flowers are increasingly replacing classic white blooms as a bride’s wedding flower of choice. Fragrant garden roses, stocks and sweet peas (in whimsical and rustic shades) are some of the most popular summer blooms set to appear in a big way next year.

13. Smaller Bridal Bouquets

This trend again goes away from what we’ve been seeing in recent years. For a while, the large bridal bouquet trend took the wedding industry by storm. Wild and natural, as well as dramatic cascades were all the rage. We are seeing brides shift back toward smaller, more understated bouquets that still have asymmetry, but are more minimal and sometimes even the size of what would be considered the traditional size of a bridesmaid’s bouquet.

14. Bold Blooms

While pastel and copper have taken the wedding world by storm in the last three years, it seems this softened trend is finally dying out. Looking forward, we see brighter, bolder colors. Oranges, reds, and jewel tones burn anew in wedding flower trends. Pantone’s color of the year 2018 was Ultra Violet, a deep purple described as “complex and contemplative” and evocative of the midnight sky.The 2017 and 2016 colors were greenery and rose quartz, respectively, demonstrating just how popular pastels and foliage became in the last two years. Building

15 Curated or Minimal Floral Arrangements

“Curated” is sort of a term we adopted to describe this arrangement style. Brides pick one or two focal blooms and have minimal accenting flowers to create a stylized arrangement. It is definitely a trend that goes along with the more minimal and clean wedding styles we’ve been seeing. Ikebana style arrangements are gracing entrance tables and are being placed down long rectangular reception tables to give weddings a refreshed, unique look. See more minimal designs

16 Antique Neutrals

Bright color has certainly been having a moment in the wedding industry. We’ve been seeing everything from poppy red and electric pink to deeper jewel tones like purple and burgundy. We see things going back to softer shades in the coming years. Not quite back to the blush of years past, but to something we term as “antique neutrals”. Colors like taupe, coffee, mauve, cream, and muted rose will give weddings a soft touch of color and help give decor a weathered, old-world feel.

17 Destination Weddings or Destination- Inspired

As couples look to make their weddings more intimate, we are seeing a huge boom in destination weddings. Whether they whisk their quests off to stunning tropical locations or romantic European destinations, we are seeing a huge rise in destination affairs. Along the same lines, we are seeing an increase in destination-inspired weddings. If actually going abroad isn’t feasible, couples are also taking simple spaces like a backyard and totally transforming them with decor and atmosphere. Flowers, rentals, catering and music can all be used to bring the flavor of another culture to your local venue and help transport your guests to a far-off place.

18. All White Florals

A wedding featuring all white flowers certainly isn’t a new thing, but it’s popularity seems to go in waves. We are seeing an increase in all white wedding flowers with accents of greenery. You can’t get more classic than that combination! There’s something very elegant and regal about it. We are seeing a lot of brides choosing to bring different shades of white, ivory and cream into their decor as well as add in mixed shades of greenery to give dimension. It makes for a very soft, natural look that is destined to stand the test of time.