Spoil A Loved One With Succulent Delivery Melbourne


Succulents are an excellent gift for their many health benefits and simplicity. A dose of green can spruce up any room in your loved one’s home. Besides, they also make lovely gifts for those who have trouble keeping plants alive. 

With quick and easy succulent delivery Melbourne, you can order plants at the last minute. In this article, we’ll discuss the many benefits of plants in the home, as well as the types of succulents available at In Full Bloom. 

Benefits of Plants in Your Home

Plants are known to reduce mental stress and fatigue, as well as increase relaxation. With many people continuing to work from home, having some greenery in the room can help with mental balance. Just like how being in nature makes people feel at ease, plants have a calming effect on those around them. 

Plants are also a key design element—they give warmth and style to your space. A plant on the windowsill or placed in the corner also helps to anchor the space. With a splash of green, any room tends to come to life. 

Finally, plants help to reduce indoor air pollution, which can make people sick over time. Plants absorb harmful toxins by breaking them down into byproducts and storing them in their soil. 

Succulent Delivery Melbourne 

Succulents are the perfect gift for someone who tends to kill plants and flowers. Succulents are known for being low-maintenance as they require little watering. Even your forgetful loved ones can enjoy the beauty of succulents without a lot of upkeep. 

At In Full Bloom, we provide same-day succulent delivery in Melbourne when you order before 5 pm. We have a small arrangement of succulents placed in beautiful ceramics and glass vases. 

Succulents at In Full Bloom 

Here are some different succulents you can buy from In Full Bloom: 

Mother in Law or Snake Plant

This beautiful plant has upright leaves with distinct banding that resembles a reptile. The plant is great for cleaning toxins from the air and creating a calm atmosphere. It’s also almost impossible to kill, which is great for loved ones who lack a ‘green thumb.’

Aeonium Succulent

This succulent grows in a beautiful rosette shape, which forms a lovely rose-like arrangement. These succulents prefer the soil to be a bit damp, so it’s best to water them whenever the dirt feels dry. They look very ornamental with soft, fleshy leaves. 

Jade Plant

This pretty succulent has delicate leaves pancaked onto long stems. Some have yellow, gold, cream, pink, or red coloured leaves. The Jade plant makes a perfect Christmas gift for your friends or family. 


If you’re not sure what to get your loved one this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with an elegant succulent. Your loved one will appreciate the pop of colour and vase full of life in their home. 

Get same-day succulent delivery Melbourne when you order with In Full Bloom. Use our online order form or call us on (03) 9696 1688 to place your order.