South Melbourne Flower Delivery for Birthday Celebrations

a florist holding a bouquet of red roses

Our South Melbourne flower delivery service can make a birthday one to truly remember. Birthdays are a celebration that not only reminds you of turning a year older but also gives you a glimpse of your life journey—the far you’ve come. This is why birthday celebrations need to turn out as memorable as possible.

But how can you make birthdays special to your loved ones? Flowers are excellent birthday gifts that uniquely express your appreciation. And because many people wouldn’t think of offering flowers as birthday presents, doing so will make you stand out.

That said, this post will walk you through the best birthday flowers to order for South Melbourne flower delivery.  We’ll even show you what flowers you should offer to different types of people—your mom, girlfriend, sister, friend, etc.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Best for a Girlfriend’s Birthday?

Roses are used to symbolising romance and love and are primarily used to mark Valentine’s Day. However, you can use these beautiful flowers to celebrate any special day for your loved ones. That said, roses can make an excellent gift for your girlfriend or wife during their birthdays.

Red roses have a unique way of saying, “I love you.” A gift of a fresh and perfectly curated bouquet of roses for your lover’s birthday shows your unconditional love. However, if your relationship is still young, consider pink roses as they symbolise poetic romance.

Alternatively, you can pick your lover’s favourite flower if you know it. This works as it’s a confirmation that you truly know your partner.

Flowers are excellent gifts to your loved ones, but feel free to top them up with other gifts. For example, a beautiful bouquet is a perfect accompaniment to a romantic soiree.

2. For Your Mum’s Birthday?

You have a wide range of flowers to pick from as a gift for your mum’s birthday. You can choose from beautiful lilies to coloured roses or orchids, as any of these flowers can give your mum a unique feeling on her special day.

A posy of pink lilies is an excellent idea for your mother’s birthday. They’re used to express gratitude and never-ending tenderness. You can also choose any rose colour except the red ones, as these are mainly meant to express romantic love.

An exotic orchid is an excellent alternative to lilies. This flower symbolises beauty, strength and love, making it the perfect flower to offer your mum on her special day.

If you can’t decide on the right flower to choose, mix different flower varieties. A combination of lilies and roses can create a stunningly beautiful bouquet and can make a firm impression on your mum.

3. For Sister’s Birthday

Pink roses are ideal gifts for your sister’s birthday. Sisters love extra love, care and sometimes protection from their siblings. Pink flowers represent love’s soft and gentle aspects, making them the perfect birthday gifts for your sister.

Alternatively, you can also use pink Tulips if you don’t want to get pink roses for your sister to express platonic love. Purple, on the other hand, symbolises admiration. If you’re unsure, mix the two tulips to express your affection forthrightly.

4. For Friend’s Birthday

You hold a special place in your friend’s life, so they need your support during both challenging and memorable moments. The colour and scent of the flower you choose are the only essential considerations you need to pay attention to when choosing your friend’s birthday flower.

However, if you’re a conservative person, yellow roses can work best for you. They symbolise care, while yellow roses symbolise friendship, joy and goodwill. Alternatively, you can offer sunflowers, which symbolise loyalty, longevity and adoration.

If you wish to spice things up, consider fabricating a bouquet with a combination of two or more colourful flowers. For instance, a beautiful bouquet of roses, gerberas and lisianthus is irresistible for a birthday friend.

5. Best for Him

Do boys love flowers? This question has been a subject of controversy for ages. However, our society has rapidly evolved, and a new perception has been inculcated among guys.

The toxic masculinity slogan “flowers are for the weak men” is quickly fading as most men now appreciate being treated nicely. Therefore, a beautiful bouquet is a perfect gift for your boyfriend or work colleague.

However, you need to consider the flowers you choose for him. This is because you don’t want your intentions to be misconstrued. That said, a red rose could make quite some sense for your boyfriend. For workmates, sunflowers can be an excellent choice as they can show your admiration for personality and work ethics.

Get them Birthday Flowers With South Melbourne Flower Delivery

A carefully arranged bouquet of bloom can express your emotions more than words. For more than 25 years, we have diligently helped our customers mark special days in their lives with our wide range of beautiful flowers you can directly order from our online store.