Our Top Tips for Sending Valentine’s Day Flowers in Melbourne

Our Top Tips for Sending Valentine’s Day Flowers in Melbourne

I have offered all sorts of advice over the years to our beautiful customers who have wondered if they are sending the right flowers to their loved ones. But when it comes to sending flowers on the biggest day of the year for florists worldwide – Valentines Day, there are some special points to consider to make the gifting experience as delightful as possible.

While we always sell out early, we can generally meet demand for most walk-ins on the big day, but it is important to get in early. While most florists boast of sales volumes, we’re a little unusual in that we base our Valentine’s Day success around complaints, or lack thereof. In 2018 the number of complaints was one, which as always, was quickly rectified. Something we’re proud of considering the hundred of orders we handle for Valentine’s Day.

Our achilles heel on valentine’s day is the flower delivery side of the business. It sounds simple, but there are many anomalies to delivery addresses including streets that have a misspelt names or apartment numbers missing.To prevent a slightly frustrated call from the courier or infull bloom team and keep your loved one smiling, spend that extra minute to get that address bang on. There is also a little field box located in the checkout area that invites you to add any comments, this is a great place to provide a little more information about the location.

Ideally when delivering flowers to your loved one on valentines day, it is best for the courier to be able to hand over the flowers directly to the recipient. This isn’t always easy – especially if you are trying to surprise the recipient. But if you can, it’s a great idea to make sure they are where you expect them to be. If they are not home or at their desk, it’s no real problem. We just need to know where our driver can leave your flowers as safely as possible from passers by and at the same time offers some protection from the weather. We’re blessed with a slightly cooler climate in Melbourne, meaning that when you send flowers to Melbourne, they’re not as likely to be damaged by heat while out waiting for the recipient to come home. It’s always a good idea to provide a comment on our purchase form for where the flowers can be left safely if the recipient is away. This is especially the case for valentine’s day when delivery drivers are in a bit more of a rush.

So, if you can go that extra mile on the three points above you’ll optimise the successful delivery of your valentine’s day flowers.