4 Great Ways to Remember Loved Ones at Your Wedding

4 Great Ways to Remember Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Flower Shops in Melbourne Victoria Australia

Flower Shops in Melbourne Victoria Australia

There are few events where flowers are more meaningful than a wedding. With the right bouquet, you not only express the unique style and personality of the bride, but you can also capture the unique nuances of a couple’s relationship. 

Depending on the nature of your floral arrangements, you might even be able to use the flowers at your wedding as a nod to the people who you haven’t been able to bring with you to that special day. Here’s our guide to just some of the best ways that you can remember the people that mattered most to you at your wedding, with the right flowers. 

  1. Add a Favourite Flower to the Bouquet

One of the best ways to bring the input of your loved ones to your wedding day is to add one of their favourite flowers to your bouquet. Something like a tulip for your missing grandmother, mixed in among the foliage could be a perfect way to ensure that the people who haven’t been able to come to your big day are still there in spirit. 

If there isn’t a particular flower that you have in mind for a loved one, perhaps you could choose a bloom in their favourite colour instead? Talk to flower shops in Melbourne, Victoria Australia, like In Full Bloom, to see what’s possible. 

  1. Save a Seat

Have someone particularly special in mind that couldn’t attend your wedding? Save them a seat. You can place a single rose or another flower that they loved on the seat or on the table where they would have eaten their lunch. Saving a seat is an excellent way to remind everyone that just because someone couldn’t physically attend your wedding, doesn’t mean that they’ve been forgotten. 

To add an extra special touch, why not include a picture of the person who couldn’t come to your big day along with their flower?

  1. Have a “Couldn’t Be Here” Table

We often feel the impact of people who can’t attend our weddings whether there’s an empty seat reserved for them or not. If you don’t have the room to dedicate individual seats to the people who couldn’t be with you, why not create a small table at the back of the room. 

You could place some of the favourite flowers of your loved ones on that table, including pictures of your time spent with them, so people can pay their respects as they pass by. This is an excellent way to feel as though the people you loved aren’t missing out on your wedding. You might even ask your attendees to light candles for those lost. 

  1. Use Petal Confetti

Petal confetti is becoming an increasingly popular replacement for traditional confetti at many modern weddings. Rather than just throwing any selection of petals into the air, why not give yourself and your spouse a reminder of the people who probably wish they could be there, giving you their best. 

Petals from your loved one’s favourite flowers, or in their favourite colours are a wonderful extra touch to your big day. Plus, they’re good for the environment too!

Make Your Flowers more Meaningful

Flowers at a wedding aren’t just a wonderful way to brighten the festivities of a romantic event, they can also be a meaningful nod to people who will never be forgotten. 

If you want to pay tribute to someone special at your wedding, there are plenty of flower shops in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia that can help. Contact In Full Bloom today to find out more.