Celebrate National Best Friend’s Day with Flowers

Two Girl Bestfriends Lying In Grass with Scattered Flowers

 “Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.” – Billy Watterson

If there is anything life has taught us, it’s that life itself is a rollercoaster. You can’t be sure of what may happen next, and all you can do is live it the best way you can and surround yourself with people who love and support you. 

Best friends make life more bearable whether it is goofing around and doing the silliest things, spending time together, or being there when things get tough. 

In Australia, National Best Friend’s Day is marked on June 8 each year. This day celebrates that one particular person called a “best friend” and is an opportune time to show them appreciation and love for their friendship. 

InFullBloom, like many flower shops in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, also marks this unique day and offers a variety of blooms to help you celebrate it.

Do You Have A Best Friend? How Are You Celebrating Them This Year?

Because we know gifts mean more than words, InFullBloom, one of the many professional flower shops in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, has several flower varieties to help you choose your best friend’s floral gift. 

Flowers add beauty and good vibes and more importantly portray love and appreciation. What better way to use them than to show your best friend how much you love them by getting them their favourite blooms?

Whether you choose to present an all-out bouquet from InFullBloom’s Featured Designs or a single rose stem, you’ll find that our flowers are perfect for expressing those hard-to-show feelings better than just words. You can also accompany your blooms with a card, chocolate, or candles, to bring the message home to your best friend beautifully. 

In this uncertain and terrifying COVID-19 pandemic, we most likely won’t be visiting our family and friends much, and flowers can help you celebrate your best friend from a distance, reminding them that you still appreciate their friendship.

Sending Flowers Online As Gifts 

Since we’re all exercising social distancing purchasing flowers at InFullBloom’s store online and having them delivered to your best friend this July 30, is one of the best options to celebrate Friendship Day this year. 

As much as you’ll make them feel loved and cared for, you’ll also adhere to government guidelines to stay at home as much as possible and curb movement. As much as our shops remain open, InFullBloom is also practising social distancing, and with online deliveries, we are doing all we can to keep both our staff and customers as safe as possible. 

All benchtops and packaging is well-sanitised during the shipping process, and we have placed hand sanitisers in crucial places around the shop to ensure that our employees are well protected. Our delivery personnel will also practice social distancing upon delivery of your flowers, and will wear protective masks at all times. 

Accompany your flowers with a card, chocolate, or candles for added significance. 

Buying Flowers In-Store As Gifts 

For those who prefer to pop into our stores, to pick out blooms for your best friend, you’re more than welcome. Our shops remain open in keeping with social distancing and sanitising guidelines. All our EFT-POS machines and benchtops are sanitised after each use to keep the in-store environment safe. All our staff wear gloves when handling flowers as well as protective face masks to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.  

Pop in today to buy flowers for your best friend, to comfort those who have lost their loved ones due to this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, or to send cards to frontline staff who are continuing the fight to save lives.

More than ever, flowers are becoming a joyous way of bringing hope to humanity in these tough times and a thoughtful way to remind others to be kind to one another. 

Bottom Line

Stephanie Skeem said, “Flowers don’t tell – they show.” 

Although 2020 hasn’t begun on the best of notes with the January bushfires and now the Coronavirus global health crisis, National Best Friend’s Day is one of those days that have added significance in 2020, and gifting friends and family on this day will bring the message of friendship and love home. Even though most of us are focused on survival, this period is one of the best times to remind your best friend or loved ones what a gem they are in your life. 

Let the special people in your life know how much they mean to you, and choose to say it with InFullBloom flower shops in Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Contact us today to book your customised fresh cut flower arrangement in good time for National Best Friend Day on June 8.