Discover the Beautiful World of a Professional Flower Shop Melbourne

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Florists make the world a beautiful and brighter place, especially a flower shop in Melbourne.  

If you love flowers, you’ve probably thought about venturing into the world of a professional florist. Maybe your friend, spouse, of workmate gifted you with a bouquet, and you’ve considered taking up the profession yourself. 

If you’ve thought about becoming a professional florist and owning a flower shop Melbourne service, there are a few things to know before making your decision. 

This article will help you discover the beautiful and scented world of a professional florist. Keep reading to learn more.

What Does a Florist Do?

Florists play a crucial role in the gift industry.  They are experts at adding value to flowers and transforming them into stunning gift items with intricate flower bouquets and arrangements. 

Also, florists are trained to design centrepieces, wreaths, and corsages for any occasion using cut dried and fresh flowers. Additionally, florists create floral arrangements according to set layouts or help both individual and corporate clients come up with new arrangement ideas. 

Apart from this, a florist is in charge of maintaining flowers; they need to ensure that the flowers they’ve sourced remain fresh, healthy, and sassy, and in so doing, play an essential role in teaching their customers how to take care of their flowers once they get them home. 

However, like any other businesses, a flower shop Melbourne outlet involves more than just dealing with flowers and greenery. Florists need to perform different business-related roles to keep their business running and profitable.

For instance, your time will also be taken up preparing quotations and invoices, receiving orders, sourcing flower suppliers, and other business management activities.  Also, some florists sell complimentary items like candles, chocolate and champagne, which enhance their business.

Flower Shop Melbourne: Who Do They Sell Flowers To?

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Florists deal with both individual and corporate customers. 

Modern-day florists sell flowers to walk-in customers, online customers, and on-account corporate customers. Since they are experts, florists will know exactly which blooms their customers prefer and how to pick them for maximum profitability. This information enables them to recommend the perfect bouquets and arrangements for specific events every time. 

As mentioned above, many florists are moving online to expand their customer base. Traditionally, you would find florists displaying flowers on the high-street only, but this aspect of doing business solely offline is now changing. Customers now prefer ordering flowers online; this trend has become so widespread that if you wish for your business to flourish, you must sell flowers online to reach customers you wouldn’t usually get on the high street. 

Where Do They Work?

Florists are entrepreneurs. Most run small private businesses, as seen in the many flower shop Melbourne outlets. However, you’ll find florists working in supermarkets, warehouses, and other flower markets.

There are also freelance florists. These florists work on any opportunity that comes their way. Customers can hire them to decorate the event venues, churches, or any activity requiring floral arrangements, which opens them up to a world of opportunities.

When Do They Work?

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A florist’s work schedule depends on the prevailing season. Typically, there are peak and off-peak seasons. The peak season comes with special days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, as well as the summer wedding season in November – December. 

During this peak season, there is a high demand for flowers, which means that most florists have to work 12-14-hour days.

During the off-peak season, a professional florist work depends on their customers’ needs. A typical day can run from 8 am – 5 pm, but on most days florists wake up to hit the market before dawn to get the best flower prices. 

Essentially, florists need to available for whenever a customer needs them such as for birthdays, anniversaries, and funerals. Nonetheless, the number of orders coming your way will depend on your expertise and customer base, and with passion and dedication, a professional florist should never miss a sale.

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And so there you have it! Florists make the world a cheerier place to be and warm hearts as the perfect gift. 

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