Buy Dried Flowers Melbourne

bunch dried flowers

Dried flowers are hugely popular and are generally kept for sentimental reasons and adding to home decor. Dried flowers are also a perfect gift solution for hayfever related allergy sufferers as they don’t contain pollen. 

Buy Dried Flowers Melbourne

We deliver stunning Dried Flowers across Melbourne and also offer same-day flower delivery. Our dried flowers bouquets are created using the highest quality premium blooms. 

How Long Do Dried Flowers Last? 

Dried flowers typically last up to two to five years, depending on the weather. So to prevent them from going mouldy, avoid placing them in high humid rooms like the bathroom and kitchen. 

How Much Do Dried Flowers Cost? 

Dried flower prices greatly depend on the type and quality of the blooms used to make the bouquet and the quality of the drying process. Our dried flower bouquets are created at In Full Bloom using premium blooms and a thorough drying process. 

Which Flowers Are Used? 

What flowers are used greatly depends on the specific bouquet and the look you are trying to achieve. Most dried flower arrangements are created using Roses, Baby’s Breathe, Natives and other seasonal blooms and foliage.