Wedding Flowers Melbourne

Wedding Flowers Melbourne

Get reliable wedding flowers for your big day—call In Full Bloom Melbourne for your bridal flower needs! 

Are you starting to plan your wedding and think about wedding flowers? This comprehensive guide will soothe your nerves. 

In this article, we’ll cover beautiful flowers to choose from as winter approaches. We’ll also explore the colour palette that’s all the rave—shades of pink. Lastly, we’ll give you some must-have pointers for bridal table arrangements. 

Let’s get started. 

Wedding Flowers Melbourne

Winter Blooming Flowers 

Though flower availability changes as winter approaches, we’ll help you make sure everything goes smoothly for your big day. Though winter flower availability is more limited, there are still stunning options available. 

We’re confident you’ll find flowers that are similar if not better than what you’re seeking. The perfect wedding flowers will give you the incredible ending you deserve at your wedding. 

Here are our favourite winter flowers: 

1.  Fairy Primrose 

Blooming from July to October, these dainty flowers will add a delicate touch to your event. They grow in beautiful clusters with a soft, lacy texture. 

These gorgeous flowers come in shades of white, pink and even magenta or purple. They’ll give your arrangement a subtle touch of colour. 

Wedding Flowers Melbourne

2. Anemones 

These poppy-like flowers are readily available in winter months from July to October. They come in vibrant blues and reds with dark centres. They’re from the well-known family of delphinium and ranunculus blossoms. 

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3. Blushing Bride 

Florists have used these uniquely shaped bulbs as a wedding flower for centuries. Their pointed petals look distinguished and stylish. Blushing Bride flowers come in shades of ivory and pale pinks and greens with yellow-tinted centres. 

Blossoming from July to September, they prefer cooler temperatures.

4. Stock

Are you disappointed that you can’t find snapdragons? Stock flowers are an excellent alternative. The colours range from white to purple and mauve. They appear as long stems with flowers growing down the length of them. They’re also known for their spicy, pointed fragrance that warms up any room. 

Shades of Pink in Wedding Flowers 

Your wedding is arguably the most romantic day of your life, besides your engagement, of course. The colour pink exudes romance and love, which is why it’s so popular as a wedding flower colour. However, saying there is only one shade of pink is like saying there’s only one flavour of chocolate. 

Here are some of the distinguished shades of pink: 

  • Sweet Akito. This shade sports an ombre look, with soft pink interiors mellowing out to off-white outer petals. 
  • Baby Pink. A lighter and more subtle shade, baby pink exudes innocence and sweetness. It’s a one-toned, lovely complement to any bouquet. 
  • Shy Pink. This colour is like baby pink but darker. It adds the tone of pink, minus the innocence. 
  • Dark Engagement. It’s a cross of blush pink, solid pink and vibrant red. It adds warmth and depth to a bouquet without punchiness. 

Bridal Table Centrepieces 

Bridal table arrangements are one of the essential elements of your reception. They’re centrally located in the room, so they draw the eyes of guests. 


The most common style is the running centrepiece. One option is to have the centrepiece a couple of metres long and then to taper off. Another possibility is running the length of the whole table and cascading off the sides. 


An important aspect to consider when choosing a floral centrepiece is height. It would be disastrous for the bride to be covered as she sits behind it. Make sure you can see the venue above the flowers. Your guests should be able to see above the arrangement to your lovely parties’ faces. 

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