Fun Facts About Flowers From a Florist in Elwood

Fun Facts About Flowers from a Florist in Elwood

Despite their striking beauty and lovely fragrance, many flowers usually have hidden attributes. For several years, flowers have been used for curative purposes. Flowers such as the lotus have historical and religious importance. There are flower varieties that have unusual characteristics. As a florist servicing Elwood, we have a variety of flowers to suit any occasion.

This article will showcase fun facts about flowers that will help you have a new appreciation for these remarkable plants.

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Fun Facts About Flowers From a Florist in Elwood

  • For reproductive plants, flowers form the central reproductive structures. Birds and insects usually move pollen from one flower to another, thereby facilitating pollination when they take nectar from a flower.
  • Up to date, over 400,000 plant varieties produce flowers. The number is likely to be higher as many other flowering plants are yet to be discovered.
  • Moonflowers only bloom at night and stay closed during daytime, hence their name.
  • The heads of sunflowers move from east to west throughout the day to follow the sun’s movements.
  • Watermeal or Wolffia globosa is the smallest flower globally, and it is as tiny as a rice grain. This flower is found in a little hole on the plant’s surface.
  • The largest flower in the world is the Titan Arum. It can grow up to a height of 10 feet and a width of 3 feet. The flower can weigh as much as 24 pounds. It is commonly referred to as the “corpse flower” owing to its distinctive rotting flesh smell.
  • Bamboos are plants that flower every few years.
  • Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is the most expensive flower ever sold. It develops for eight years and blooms once after four to five years. It was sold at an auction for $200,000.
  • Although lilies are pretty flowers, they’re highly toxic to cats.
  • The sweet rose scent originates from minute perfume glands on the petals.
  • There is a type of flower known as the Chocolate Cosmos, which has a chocolate scent!
  • Hydrangeas’ colour is determined by the soil’s nature, like acidity. The flower becomes pink in less acidic soil and bluer in more acidic soil.
  • The agave is called a monocarpic plant—it can remain dormant for several years and bloom only once then perish.
  • Scientists resurrected an old Arctic flower aged 32,000 years in Siberia using the seeds buried by a squirrel (Ice Age).
  • Vanilla flowers are incredibly delicate: they open only for a few hours at a time and have to be pollinated by hand to give out a vanilla bean.
  • The biggest flower auction globally happens in Aalsmeer, Netherlands, where over 20 million flowers are auctioned daily.
  • Some flowers release pollen only when they feel a buzzing bee on them.
  • The ghost flower gets that name from its feature as it lacks chlorophyll, which gives plants their green colour. Therefore the flower is ghostly white.
  • Add a bit of citrus soda or sugar to the water in the vase to keep cut flowers fresh for an extended period.