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Beautiful Peonies – The Ultimate Guide

Beautiful Peonies – The Ultimate Guide

When Aussies think about gifting flowers peonies often top the list. They are fascinating and attractive, come in many beautiful colours, and possess large rose-like blooms that showcase beauty, elegance, and fragrance. Peonies make excellent cut flowers but have a short season. This aspect adds to their attractiveness as they bloom only in spring and…

Saying It with Flowers: The Benefits of Professional Flower Delivery

Professional Bouquet of Assorted Flowers

Receiving an assortment of fragrant and colourful fresh-cut flowers is always a pleasure. As Aussies, we sure do love our flowers, and more of us are now choosing to say it with flowers.  You’re probably asking – which is better, making the delivery yourself or hiring a professional florist to do it for you? While…